Saturday, July 25, 2009

Starting Again

So for those of you that know me personally, this will be my second attempt at owning a blog. Please know that I will still be doing requests, only you will be required to check if they are either:

1. Extremely mainstream or popular

2. Under the Sony or BGM record label, with more to follow after I check the statistics of my last blog to see what bands, under what labels, were removed.

It will be a good two weeks before I decide to upload any more music as I have a huge file sharing site with a ton of music that I now have to sift through, as all the files were abbreviated and not labeled in their full titles.

If you request an album, and you know that they are under the list of record labels that are banned from being uploaded, you will be ignored. If you think you are slick and try to use new names in the chatbox, I do have a way of finding out your IP address, which I can then add to the ban list and you will be banned from viewing this blog.